Quality Policy

Specification pragmatic innovation and excellence

1. pragmatic

setting quality goals, pragmatic thinking

pragmatic thinking, combined with the actual quality of the company, through the efforts can be achieved.

enterprises to carry out the work, pragmatic behavior

 conduct pragmatic: to face the problem, targeted, and the key to seize the main contradiction.

 behavior pragmatic, problem-solving, and specific measures and implement them effectively, the effect is significant.

2. Specification

Responsibilities basis, management practices

 management practices, must be based on job responsibilities, improve the management system.

 management practices, we must strengthen the force pad, regulate the behavior of the post.

 technical documents for the guidelines, Manufacturing Practices

 manufacturing practices must achieve scientific technical documentation, complete, accurate, feasible, and to provide to meet the technical documentation requirements in the product manufacturing process equipment, tooling and other necessary equipment.

 manufacturing practices, we must strengthen the process management, standardize the behavior from the manufacturing process.

3. Innovation

play a team role, management innovation

 management innovation, requires companies to work procedures, enhanced coordination, improved team role.

 management innovation, requiring employees to rationalize the distribution of benefits, motivate staff enthusiasm, to engage in high efficiency.

 meet customer requirements, technological innovation

 technological innovation, requires the application of new technologies. New materials design innovation, product design to the domestic advanced level.

 technological innovation, requires the use of advanced technology, effective tooling, process innovation carried out to ensure the realization of design intent.

4. Excellence

   people-oriented, strengthen the building, the team of excellence

 team of excellence, continuous improvement requires the basic quality of the staff, such as ethics, conduct, etc., so that the basic quality of the staff excellent.

 team excellence, quality requirements continue to improve staff positions, such as technology, skills, quality of excellence so that staff positions.